MagPI® and Well Life Cycle

Exploration & Appraisal
MagPI® offers a shore-based permeability and mineralogy estimation method used on archived slabbed and plug cores along with drill-cuttings, either from current drilling operations or from archive. The technique makes use of the natural phenomenon, magnetic susceptibility. With operational budgets being slashed, in particular limiting coring and related SCAL activities, this innovative cuttings service offers a low-cost solution to assist petrophysicists and reservoir engineers to correlate SCAL data with cuttings in order to make a significant impact on subsurface modelling, cutting the time, risk and cost of O&G exploration and development.

With increasing reduction of coring / logging works MagPI® can help reservoir engineers to better estimate clay and permeability over the whole reservoir sequence: e.g. a well may be turned into an injector.
Typically operators may have core data on less than 10% of the reservoir column but engineers are still expected to produce perm estimates over the whole so that the pumps and pumping requirements can be managed. Currently estimates may range widely. If lower perm values are used then much stronger pumps will be required. If in the higher of the range – less pumping – less cost! Either way getting accurate estimates first time saves money.

The UK is becoming pre-eminent in this speciality and there are legal requirements for operators to record, and hold in perpetuity, perm data for abandoned reservoir units. Even though wells may have been sealed off at abandonment – drill cuttings are routinely stored (and ignored) – the MagPI® technique allows accurate permeability estimation from this readily available resource.